Various types of silver jewelry

Silver also has some antibiotic properties that prevent the entry of bacteria and protects the body against them successfully. Silver has been a valuable resource in many other applications in science.

The jewelry market initially belonged to Silver Jewelry items but later after the discovery of Gold until now, it is still being dominated by Gold jewelry. But despite the domination of the Gold jewellery Silver jewelry has also retained its own space in the jewellery market. Silver jewelry is poor people’s Gold. But recently for the past 20 years, Silver jewelry has become one of the favorite items of the fashion jewelry designers because of its greater flexibility and low price. Various kinds of Silver jewellery designs were created by the fashion designers to match it with the costumes they designed. From being a poor man’s jewelry Silver jewellery have nowadays grown into a piece of jewelry for modern women and modern costumes. With the increase in the use of Silver jewellery by modern women, multiple designs have been created by the fashion jewellery designers to meet their needs. Some of the common Silver jewellery designs items used by the people include bangles necklaces earrings ring anklets and other types of Jewelry items.

Silver Jewelry Manufacturer India Most of the women in olden days wore these arm bands to enhance their beauty. But later with modernisation the concept of armband disappeared for a while. But now like the famous statement ‘Fashion is a circle’, the trend of wearing arm bands have entered the market again. One of the most common and famous designed armband that has been trending now a days is the ‘Nag’ shaped arm band. Most of modern women nowadays match them with sleeves tops and skirts. They can also be worn along with traditional attires like sarees and lehengas.

The next most common Silver jewellery items that is famous among the women of all age groups is anklets. Anklets are small chain like structures worn in the ankles. Most of these anklets have small beads that make sound while moving. The modern designed anklets do not have much number of beads. The anklets are the most beautiful form of jewellery.

Earrings are common among women. Every women wears an earring especially Indian women. Now even men have started wearing earring as a identity of fashion. There are many types of Silver earrings available in the market. Jhumkas are one form of designs that are available from the olden days.They are manufactured in multiple sizes. While some occasions require the small jhumkas with little designs, certain other functions might require heavy designed jhumkas. But despite their size these jhumka designs are the most beautiful part of designs. They move along dancing in the ears of women wearing it.

Next to Jhumkas the next common designs are antique designs and drops. Earrings with drops are more famous compared to other form of earrings since they can be worn along with multiple number of costumes. The length of drops can vary in size depending upon the size and requirements.

Antique designed Silver jewellery with a circular curve and multiple number of designs carved in them are beautiful to look at. They are now given a modern touch to it and worn with much more beauty. These antique pieces have intricate works and designs carved on them. These type of intricate designs can be achieved only through handicraft technique.

Similar to Gold there are a variety of necklace designs. From simple chains to heavy ornaments they are more famous among modern women. Various designs like Bali jewellery, Sunaka Jewelry, kemp jewellery are designed based upon old traditional designs. Kashmir women still prefer wearing their traditional Silver jewellery for marriages rather than their multiple Gold designed jewelry.

These jewellery designs are still famous and they are word by making a few changes to them.

Various Silver metals
Even though Silver might seem like a simple metal it has multiple uses and varieties. The sterling Silver is the widely used variety.

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